Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dear George Bush

I am having some trouble understanding your logic, and just wanted to clarify something that you said in your press conference on August 21, 2006. You said, "We leave before the mission is done, the terrorists will follow us here."

I believe what you are saying (or not saying) is that Iraq is a honey bowl for bees -- meaning that as long as the terrorists are hovering and swarming around Iraq, they won't fly over here and get us.

Mr. President, you are sacrificing our troops by throwing them into the middle of a raging hive that keeps getting bigger the longer we stay. Could it be that you actually believe that the troops are protecting our homeland by keeping the terrorists distracted in Iraq? But our troops were not trained to be bait.

Imagine if they had been deployed to build up the infrastructure of Afghanistan after the Taliban had been valiantly defeated in 2001. Imagine if Kabul was now a city of well-built hospitals, schools, and roads. Had the troops been put to work helping the Middle East create the infrastructure for democracy, do you think the Taliban would have been able to return with such a vengeance? Do you think terrorists would have risen to such power in Iraq?

Well, it's too late for this now. Iraq and Afghanistan, now swarmy zones of violence and mayhem, are suffering because of your lack of foresight. What can be done? Well, perhaps you could work on shifting Middle Eastern public perception of the U.S. by working with Lebanon to beat Hezbollah to the reconstruction of Beruit.

Citizen Kay